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MTS 1450s

MTS 1450s in Use

We are pleased to present to you our new updated unit. It is exactly the same in dimension as the old unit, but it performs much longer and is easier to change component pieces (blades). Inside our new unit is the Hex shaft, which is much easier to change blades after an extended period of time. Or new hard coat on the working surface of the blades has extended our blade life almost double the normal life.

We have also increased the horsepower to include a 50hp unit. This unit is basically the same unit as the 25hp except it is incorporated with spacer plates and larger mounting frame to handle the large hp. motor. This unit was designed to work in real soft cuttings conditions (clay, gumbo, etc.)


The MTS-14 was designed to be used in the process of cuttings remedation. It has the capacity to reduce hard rock particles such as granite, limestone, white marble stone, shale, ect. into a processable size that it can be used for injection or disposal purposes. The hardness and processable size of the rock particles determine the screen size and mixing fluid that is used.

The MTS-14 operates in a continuous grinding process that could be fed directly from below the shale shaker. The dry weight of the mill is approximately 750 lbs and it is capable of grinding wet or dry. The unit will handle hard or soft material, and can be used for a variety of applications, including cuttings processing for a numerous assortment of disposal applications.

Based on information obtained from previous operations of the grinder, we know that this is a trial and error basis with each load to receive the desired consistency and flow through rate needed to perform. We designed the equipment to provide ease of screen selection and practice size output.

Previous calculations run by our customers for flow thru rates are as follows:

Drill Cuttings:

  • (Dirt/Clay/Mud – 1 screen 38 tons/hr.)
  • (Dirt/Clay/schale – 1 screen 35 tons/hr.)
  • (Dirt/Clay/Mud – 1/2” screen 21 tons/hr.)
  • (Limestone/Shale/- 1/2″ screen 15 tons/hr.)

These were achieved using sea water and drilling mud as a flush for the unit during operation. These figures were achieved by testing , along with field usage. These are only averages achieved while under constant use with a steady flow of media consisting of earth, cement, rock, clay, etc. extracted from pits for remediation

The operation of the grinder is a basic, simple set up. Install with hopper beneath the shale shaker to catch hard particles, or use in a CRI system to reduce the cuttings to an injectable size. If cuttings are more solids than soft materials, reduce screen diameter size to allow solids to stay in contact with working rotors and particle size will be reduced.

The unit can also be used to help handle the moving of drilling waste by reduceing it down quickly to allowed it to be pumped easily.

1. Interchangeable screens for discharge particle size regulation.


2. Easy to change rotor cores.


3. Interchangeable seal cartridges for minimal down time to replace cores.


4. Our MTS-14 is backed by a full line of quality, manufactured spare parts.


  • Height-27” Weight-750#
  • Width-24”
  • Length-34”
  • Skid-350#
  • Skid Length: 6’
  • Skid Width: 36”
  • Motor-50HP-1750 RPM
  • 220/440 Volts
  • 50/60 Hertz
  • Maxi Power Plate Magnets

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Pricing Available on request for the following items:

  • MTS-1450
  • Skid Mount
  • 25HP EX. Motor
  • EX.Proof Starter

Modular MTS-1450 : Stackable,22″ x 22 ” foot print, 50Hp, 30″ total height, Stainless Steel internal changeable liner, Side panel maintenance

This unit has been used in drill cutting particle reduction to enable cuttings to be injected or easily transferred during the drilling process.


Limestone 1”-2” Diameter

Limestone Run thru a 1/2” screen
Process Time: 5 Seconds


These samples were run thru a 1/2” screen

Rock particle reduction application with minimal work area required.




Pricing Available on request for the following:

  • “MTS-14”
  • Skid Mount
  • 25/50HP EX. Motor
  • EX. Proof Starter

Availability- Please allow 6-8 Weeks for Delivery