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ESP Completion System

After a long wait and a lot of R & D we finally got our first total completion on our Patent Pending ESP suspension system. It was installed in about 2 1/2 hours and pressure tested to 5000 psi.

We’ve taken it up a few notches to include a few other application with the same system.

It can be utilized as a temporary hanger with out having to cut wire or capillaries during suspension.

It can be used to suspend tubing after drilling while waiting to install completion.

It can be used to hang off ESP’s without having to cut or splice wires.

It can be used to hang off gas lift without any new hanger or adapters.

It can be used to support rod lift operations with the same hanger and adapter.

Being able to purchase one system and utilize it for multiple life changes of the wells artificial lift cycles is by far the most economical way to complete any of these well types.

In midland Texas, Trigger Energy is doing our current installations and we look forward to adding more clients to our already growing list of satisfied end users.